The Rewards of Romance

An old song says, "Money makes the world go around." Well, I'm here to set the record straight. Romance is what makes the world go around. It makes the stars brighter, the moon fuller, the waters bluer, our day (and night) more … Do I really need to say it?

For those of you who are not convinced, I invite you to think back to your younger days. Take a moment and relive one of your fondest romantic experiences. Do you remember your first crush as a teenager? What about your first kiss? How about that first date? Or that slow dance with that special someone in your arms? Aha! I thought so. You know what I'm talking about.

Romance is within each of us … it's within you. A little imagination, some effort, and commitment are all that's needed. And just look at the all benefits you have to look forward to:

  1. You'll see your relationship come alive.
  2. You'll create more joy, fun and laughter in your life.
  3. You'll appreciate your partner more.
  4. You'll find yourself smiling for no apparent reason.
  5. You'll grow closer as a couple.
  6. You'll gain more energy to devote to other areas of your life.
  7. You'll become the envy of others – people will want to know your secret
  8. You'll feel younger and probably look younger too.
  9. You'll be enriching the life of another.
  10. You'll experience a better quality of life.
  11. You'll enjoy a more intimate relationship with your partner.
  12. You'll live each day a healthy, happier, more loving person.

Need I say more?

Source by Leona Hamel

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